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While we were building my streamline body shell, Jay Upton's Top Fuel bike 'The Edge' was mentioned a lot! The first time I saw it was in a Santa Pod programme, by which time my streamliner was already finished and out on the track, this same day being the very first day I was running my bikes Streamliner in her full paintjob. It's very different to mine, but hey, what do you do without a wind tunnel! I will be doing a full write up soon, but until then here are some photos for you to view. If anyone knows of another drag bike that is fitted with a streamline and is being currently raced, I would really appreciate it if you would let me know.

Below we have a few photos that someone kindly sent us of Jay Upton and his bike in full streamliner. We have gone through our photo's and spookily enough found some very similar camera angles, albeit that they look like they were mirrored, so we just thought we would put them up here for you all to enjoy comparing.

Cheers everybody


Sitting On

Jay Upton sitting on his streamliner fitted bike
Les Harris sitting on his streamliner fitted bike


Jay Upton performing a rather smokey burnout
Les Harris starting a burnout

Preparing to Run

Jay Upton preparing for a run
Les Harris likewise preparing for a run